24-27 February 2022

Elin Jonsson

Elin Jonsson plays modern folk music with elements of pop and minimalism. With a violin and loops, she weaves together her own soundscape. There is room for groovy, stripped-down dance beat as well as quietly reflecting violin ballads. With her virtuoso playing and solid turn, Elin creates whimsical arrangements with her violin, voice and footsteps.

Elin Jonsson, from Strömsund in northern Jämtland, is a national fiddler on the violin. Growing up in a fiddler family, folk music and mainly traditional music in Jämtland became a natural part of life. It is on this basis that Elin creates her music and she draws inspiration from everyday little grains of gold such as drinking coffee in the woods or gliding along on her kick sled on a glittery winter road. Elin also plays in the Norwegian-Swedish group Rim and is known for her dancing and tradition-conscious playing. Elin's solo debut album Drömmaren was released in March 2021 and was warmly received.

Elin Jonsson - violin and loops