19-26 February 2023

Dansutlärning till irländsk musik med Eva Teljebäck och Kläppsjöns Klagan

Dance lessons to Irish music with Eva Teljebäck and Kläppsjöns Klagan

Dress yourself in clothes and shoes that are appropriate for dancing and learn some of the group dances of Ireland and the other British Isles – imported by immigrants across the sea to America, danced for centuries and are still being danced today. The clever thing about these dances is that everyone can participate, all at the same time. Very fun, a bit messy, and definitly warm and delightful!

The dance leader is Eva Teljebäck from Skinnskatteberg and the music will be performed by Kläppsjöns Klagan from Umeå.

Eva grew up with dance, trained in folk dance at Väddö Folk High School and is an experienced course leader for many years. She has visited Umefolk many times, and directs the dance in a fun and safe way, even for participants who have little or no dance experience.

The musicians of Kläppsjöns Klagan never tire of the treasure chest of music from the North Atlantic and will enjoy every minute they get to play for you and everyone else on the dance floor!

Prerequisites - none

Open workshop, no pre-registration

Eva Teljebäck - course leader

Maria Olsson – stand-up bass

Agneta Högstadius - flute

Anna Nordesjö - fiddle

Olof Wikström - accordion, guitar, piano