22-25 February 2024

About the festival

Umefolk is one of the largest folk music festivals in Sweden, and is held every year in february. It is a festival for everyone that are interested in traditional music and dance; we create meeting places for old and young, amateurs and professionals, dancers and musicians. The festival has a wide program with concerts, dancing, shows, workshops and activities for both adults and children.

Umefolk takes place in Umeå Folkets Hus which is located in central Umeå. Most of the facilities are wheelchair accessible and provided with audio induction loop that enhances sound for those with hearing aides. 

Umeå has a variety of hotels and hostels for visitors, we recommend some of these through the page "Lodgings" here at the website. Umeå has a good mass transit system with trains, buses and aviation.

Umefolk works hard for gender equality, and aims to represent as many men as women in the festival program and on the big stages. The gender perspective flows through the whole planning process for the festival.

Umefolk is a child-friendly festival, often with special performances for children. Alcohol is only served in defined areas.

Umefolk is arranged by the Umeå Folk Music Association in cooperation with Bilda. Thanks to non-profit work by the board, volunteers, and otherwise engaged people, every year a magnificent festival that lights up the darkness of winter in Umeå is accomplished.