19-26 February 2023


Food & coffee service (prices are shown in Swedish crowns):


Friday, 17.30-01.00: Vegetarian kebab skewer with bulgur salad, feta cheese, tomato, mint dressing, and roasted chickpeas. 110 SEK
16.00-01.00: Grilled cheese burrito with sweet potatoes, lentils, corn, green salad, salsa, and pea guacamole. 110 SEK


Vegetarian baguettes 75 SEK
Vegetarian sausage with bread 30 SEK
Small sandwich 30 SEK
Chips 30 SEK

The studio:

Friday, 20.00-01.00: Sandwiches, coffee bread, nachos
16.00-01.00: Sandwiches, coffee bread, nachos

The sale of alcohol is available only in the designated areas of Freja and the Studio's bar. In these areas, the age limit is 18. You will need an alcohol wristband for entry, which are handed out at the entrance upon presentation of identification.

Umefolk strives to be a nut and fragrance-free festival because we are keen on everyone being able to participate. Do not eat nuts and avoid wearing perfumed products when visiting the festival. Nuts will neither be served or sold on site during the weekend.