24-27 February 2022




Volunteering for the festival givs you free admission, in case there are seats left, to the concerts on Friday and Saturday as well as tickets entitling you to eat from the sandwich smorgasbord once a day. Coffee and tea are complementary. Alla volunteers work around 8 hours total either before, during or after the festival, depending on the group. 

Mandatory for all volonteers is to check in and receive the volonteer pass Thursdag 24th of February at 18.00-19.00 at Umeå Folkets Hus (in the main entrance).


There are a lot of volunteers at the festival, about 100 people help out every year making Umefolk a success. To organise it all efficiently we divide up the tasks inte smaller volunteer groups, each with it's own group leader responsible and in charge of scheduling you and the different tasks.

Below you see the different groups. The volunteer coordinator or your group leader will contact you in December after we've divided up the volunteers. We can't guarantee you your first choice, but we'll try our best.

For information send a mail to [email protected]

The Volunteer Groups:

During the weeks before the festival you'll help put up our wonderful festival poster! THIS GROUP IS FULL

Artist Transportation
You will help drive the artist to and from the airport, bus station and train station, and to/from where they're staying. Other volunteer groups can need help as well. The festival rents a couple of cars but it can be good if you can help out with your own car. Drivers license is required for this group.

The Backline group helps carry and transport equipment to the venue Folkets Hus, and makes sure all backline is at the right stage at the right time. The group works both before, during and after the festival. Some heavy lifting is involved, so you need to be healthy and over 18. Drivers license not required.

Decoration and signs
You help to decorate the venue and the various stages, to make the festival area nicer and more inspiring than ever! This group works mainly before the festival as well as with taking the decoration down again Saturday night. 

Main Entrance
This group checks for tickets, puts on festival armbands and generally ensures smooth passage into the festival. You will be the first people the public meets at the festival!

One flight up, at the heart of the festival. Lots of public contact selling artists music, festival shirts and a bunch of other cool stuff.

This year we've combined to just one office, the brains of the festival with a bunch of different tasks. You'll be helping our wonderful artist with the help they need, putting armbands on volunteers and answering visitor questions. A couple of doors need to be monitored so people don't go where they're not allowed. This is also where the check in is for the mass lodgings, where workshop and course information is, etc.

Workshops and Courses
You will be helping out preparing the rooms, and welcoming the participants.

Mass lodgings
This group prepares the school where the mass lodgings will be. A number of classrooms and the small gymnastics hall on Friday afternoon need to be inspected and somewhat prepared. On Sunday the rooms need to be cleaned and returned original condition so the pupils can't tell we've been there. We need one volunteer (not planning to party late) to sleep over at the school on Friday and Saturday night.

Stage Hosts
This group makes sure the concert halls are looking good and stay alert during the acts. You make sure the artists have water and other things they need, and on the smaller venues  you welcome the artists on stage and present them to the audience (which can involve some preparation). This can also include assisting the sound technician with simpler tasks, such as rolling up microphone cables during some concerts as well as clearing of the stage and setting tables.
Please note that all artist presentations are in Swedish, so you basically need to know Swedish to be in this group.