19-26 February 2023

Ulrika Bodén & Daniel Ek

Ulrika Bodén & Daniel Ek

Warm up for Umefolk with this fine-tuned concert the weekend before the rest of the festival starts! With her roots in Helgum, Ulrika Bodén has the Old German songs close to her heart with a special love for the music of the peasants. Through her expressive singing style, Ulrika is considered one of the country's foremost folk singers and often sings together with Daniel Ek. Originally from Vuollerim, Daniel is a masterful folk guitarist who, with drive, sound, and feeling, created his own playing style on his unique instrument - the harp guitar.

Daniel and Ulrika are constantly filling their repertoire with beautiful and funny songs and melodies from the treasure chest of those who carry on the tradition with the emphasis in Ångermanland and Västerbotten.

At the concert in St. Mary's Church, the duo offers a program with Nicke Sjödin's beautiful translations of hymns sung in Junsele dialect, interspersed with love songs, call songs, and Polish songs with drive and enthusiasm.

Ulrika Bodén - vocals, dulcimer, autoharp, traditional Swedish fipple flute

Daniel Ek - harp guitar, tenor guitar

The concert is organized by Umeå Maria Congregation and Sensus Studieförbund. Free admission with voluntary collection.